Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Going to classes... LOL

SO I have decided that if I want to know the lingo and how to do stuff I have to take classes...LOL... I have done it I have booked myself into quilting classes go me!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My next project

So I have been thinking about what to do next I have made so many little things that I think it's time to try something bigger. I think I might try and make a quilt or at least a smallish one. I have never actually made one before so wish me luck because I will need it... LOL... I am going to make one for my youngest son he absolutley loves Spongebob so thank goodnesss I have Spongebob Fabric... Fingers Crossed

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School Holidays

So it is school holidays and holidays for me from work. I am made so many things yet it doesn't seem like I have done anything at all.. I have so many unfinished projects lying around that I must get them completed before tuesday because I have to go back to work :(..... SO the boys and I have been crafting our little hearts out over the past few days and have made a huge mess.. Paint everywhere but who cares right it's all part of the fun. We decided the other night while there was a storm to make some beautiful candles and they turned out lovely I am so happy with the results :)

My temporary Craft room

I live in a very small 4 bedroom house and my crafting has all of a sudden taken over the house. Nearly every room has rolls of material in it. Just over 12 months ago my hubby and I decided to buy another house next door to renovate and rent out. Well it hasn;t happened yet we are still renovating it.LOL. That when I decided I would take over a room in the unfinished house. Now when I say unfinished I mean it. The bathroom isn't done and neither is the kitchen. there are no power points or lights in there. The only power point there is, is out the front on the power box. Sow when I want to do anything I have to run a lead to the room..LOL...

A very small portioin of fabric that I have

Monday, January 4, 2010

some more of my creations

A few of the things that I enjoy making

sleepy time masks

finger pin cushion

personal tissue holder

soft baby ball these are quite popular

Reversable baby booties

reversable slouch bag

cute kiddies hat

cute kiddies hat

I do hope you like my creations

I like to make things

My first beading Project

Yep that's right I like to make things... I bead and I sew who would have thought that I could be so crafty... Certainly not me... I have always dreamed of making fun and interesting things and it just never happened for me until the day I decided to do a beading class with my kids and a couple of friends. Well who would have thought it was that much fun. I really enjoyed it. I was totally amazed. After many months of beading I started going to markets to sell my beading and I did I sold some things and it made me feel really good....

One night I was talking to my eldest son and said it would be fun to make other things to sell at the markets I found some books on the shelves that gave me great ideas but there was a problem I had no idea how to use a sewing machine... Yep a mum of 4 and had no idea. So my eldest son showed me how to use the machine. We found a very simple pattern to make Hot Water bottle covers.. Yep Disaster I couldn't do it . So I gave up on that...

So then I had a bright idea why not make a dhower cap. LOL. can't be that hard I thought and it wasn't. I made a quick hat with no pattern and it looked funny only because it was small so I tried again and made a bigger one.. AWESOME! it worked..LOL.. SO of I went to buy some funky fabric and the right type of plastic to line the shower cap and started making them. By the time of my next market I only had 4 completed so I took them along just to see if there was any interest and sold all 4 of them. I was thrilled.

The First Shower Cap.

My Youngest Testing out the improved Shower Cap